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by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Nov 8, 2019

The definition of "ambition" is the desire for some type of achievement or recognition. "Ambition" does not describe how Shout Factory's new horror/thriller Blu-ray presents itself. At times, I could swear I was watching the latest romantic comedy on Netflix while viewing "Ambition." It's a quite painful way to spend 87 minutes of your time.

"Ambition" so wants to be another "Black Swan," the Oscar-winning film from a few years ago, and the similarities between the two are only due to their lead characters. Jude (Katherine Hughes) plays the violin at her prestigious school; after a fellow student gets killed tragically, she's the next protégée in line for the upcoming musical performance.

Instead of showing Jude in various states of stress and preparation for her big violin recital, the film wallows in the problems that she has while living off-campus with her two female roommate friends. There are also the obligatory boyfriend problems (Jude's main man is shown only via Facetime), and then there's that creepy, yet hot, new British male neighbor who may or may not be stalking Jude.

For a chuckle or two, the characters often sit around and quote various movie lines. This is one of the few highlights of "Ambition." The film's unwarranted and rushed final 20 minutes seem tacked on, and aren't exciting or thrilling, even with the addition of some bloodshed.

Bob Shaye, producer of the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie, gets credit as director, and this becomes one of the more confusing things about the film. With Shaye's pedigree and experience, "Ambition" should've been frightening and involving; it's none of these.

Even the appearance of horror icon Lin Shaye ("Insidious") doesn't help matters, and her very brief cameo becomes one of the most pointless in recent memory.

With only the film trailer included as an extra on the Blu-ray, "Ambition" should be avoided.


Ken Tasho is a Corporate Drone by day and Edge Contributor by night. He has a love for all things ’80’s and resides in the Wayland Square area of Providence, RI...but would much rather be sharing an apartment in NYC with ’80’s rock goddesses Pat Benatar and Deborah Harry.

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