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Watch: 'Pose' Star India Moore Gets in Fight with Trump Supporter

Wednesday Jun 12, 2019
Dion Cini, left, and Indya Moore
Dion Cini, left, and Indya Moore  (Source:Screenshot via Facebook)

"Pose" star Indya Moore was recorded getting into a scuffle with a Trump supporter who was holding a 2020 re-election sign in New York City.

TMZ reported on the video, which shows the actor grabbing the sign and someone off camera saying, "This is personal property" as Moore is seen dragging the sign, which reads "re-elect Donald J. Trump" and "Keep America Great 2020."

When Moore tries to take the sign away, a man, who TMZ identifies as Dion Cini, grabs it back and shoves them as well as another man, who is defending Moore. He's also heard yelling, "Get the fuck out of here!" Later on, the actor knocks off his red "Make America Great Again" visor and New York Police officers rush to break up the fight.

Cini spoke with TMZ about the incident, saying he filed a police report for larceny, adding that the sign is custom-made and cost about $250.

Speaking with The Daily Mail, Cini, 50, recounted the incident, saying Moore's two friends tried to escalate the encounter. He also said he's been holding "pop up" demonstrations to show support for Trump across the street from Trump Tower every week for the last two years. He said he wants to "show New Yorkers they don't have to be afraid to support" Trump.

Cini also said he has no issues with Moore.

"I have no grievances with the actor," he told The Daily Mail. "I just don't want to be robbed when I'm executing my first amendment rights.

"I don't know if I'm going to pursue anything further [against Moore]," he added. "In a perfect world, we can have a beer together."

Moore, who is trans and non-binary and plays Angel Evangelista on the FX drama "Pose," later took to Twitter on Monday to thank fans who showed them support over the confirmation.

Though Trump tweeted in support of LGBTQ Pride Month a few weeks ago, the move came after the Trump administration rolled back rights for trans military members.

"Pose" Season 2 debuted Tuesday night.

Watch the clip below.

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