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'Frank' talk: an interview with actor Peter Macdissi

By Gregg Shapiro | Thursday Nov 26, 2020
In "Uncle Frank," Alan Ball's second full-length feature, Peter Macdissi plays Walid, the partner of Frank (Paul Bettany). Both warily travel from Manhattan to the deep South for a family funeral. Macdissi discussed his work on the film.

Homing's In: arts, nightlife, community events Nov 27-Dec 6

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Nov 25, 2020
Settle in for autumn's end and December's arrival, as arts, nightlife and community events thaw out.

Ammonite's allure: Francis Lee's sapphic follow-up film

By Brian Bromberger | Monday Nov 23, 2020
Following the success of his debut feature, "God's Own Country," writer/director Francis Lee's "Ammonite" is definitely worth watching, primarily for the incandescent performances from Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan.

Pictures perfect; photo, art and children's books with a queer eye

By Jim Provenzano | Monday Nov 23, 2020
Three new and recent books, while in different genres, each bring florid color and stories to readers. Ron Williams' René Capone's and Paul Pycraft & Melissa VanDiver's books share a stunning array of visuals in photos, paintings and illustration.

'My Neighbor, Miguel' — loving short documentary on San Francisco artist

By Jim Provenzano | Monday Nov 23, 2020
What do you do when your neighbor is a famed local costume designer? If you're Daniel Navarro, you make a film about him. The life and creations of gay Latino designer Miguel Gutierrez gets a well-deserved intimate portrait.

Sondheim's score: 'Anyone Can Whistle' 1997 recording to be released

By Jim Provenzano | Friday Nov 20, 2020
A 1997 recording of the full score of Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurent's cult favorite musical about corrupt politics, a miracle fountain and asylum inmates will be released on December 4, giving musical theater fans a new score to enjoy.

Homing's In: arts, nightlife, community events Nov 20-29

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Nov 19, 2020
Autumnal fun may not include large gatherings over dinner (hey, your decision), but you can burn of some calories by dancing or singing along to some arts, nightlife and community events.

The book of Daniel: an interview with gay writer Daniel M. Jaffe

By Gregg Shapiro | Thursday Nov 19, 2020
A genuinely international experience, Daniel M. Jaffe short story collection takes readers around the globe in search of love and healing.

Big Shows: The Lavender Tube on Big Sky, Candyland, Grey's Anatomy and more

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Thursday Nov 19, 2020
The new ABC thriller "Big Sky" features a trans charactcer, "Candyland" offers sweet silliness, "Grey's Anatomy" confronts COVID-19, and more in our television column.

Q-Music: Women at work

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday Nov 18, 2020
New music by Jazzmeia Horn, Suzzy Roche, Joan Osborne, Brandy, and - oh, yes - Mariah Carey, are reviewed, with music clips for your enjoyment.

Good as Golding: an interview with 'Monsoon' actor Henry Golding

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday Nov 18, 2020
Actor and straight ally Henry Golding has become one of the most recognizable names and faces on film. In his latest independent feature, he plays a gay man returning to Vietnam.

Forever Amber: queer rom-com's cute and complicated

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday Nov 17, 2020
Gay filmmaker David Freyne gets personal with an Ireland-set queer rom-com. Set in 1995, two students at a Catholic high school — Eddie, who's gay, and Amber, who's a lesbian — decide to "date" each other.

Theater royalty gathers for U.K. arts benefit

By Jim Provenzano | Saturday Nov 14, 2020
Imagine having a conversation with your favorite living British actors. 'For One Knight Only' will include Dame Judi Dench, Sir Derek Jacobi, Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Maggie Smith host Sir Kenneth Branagh in a fundraiser for UK theater workers.

Homing's In Nov. 13-22: arts, nightlife, community events

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Nov 12, 2020
Now that we're done dancing in the streets, settle back and watch some professionals dance, and sing and act, and even lip-synch, because queens gotta perform, too. Arts, Community and Nightlife events are the new normal.

Q-Music: Men at work - new and recent releases

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday Nov 10, 2020
Sam Doores, P.J. O'Connor, Will Butler, Grant Lee Phillips and other male musicians get some due attention.

French twists: Gay rights movements and dance moves in 'Proud' and 'Bare'

By Brian Bromberger | Tuesday Nov 10, 2020
"Proud" portrays the evolution of a family over three decades, using important gay rights decisions in France as markers for significant events in the character's lives. "Bare" documents an all-male nude dance created by Thierry Smits in 2016.

Mother dearest: 'Stage Mother's familiar tropes

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday Nov 10, 2020
There's so much familiar territory visited in gay writer/director Thom Fitzgerald's 'Stage Mother' that watching it conjures feelings of déjà vu.

Faye Carol to perform LGBT musician tribute concert

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Nov 10, 2020
Miss Faye Caro will perform with Poet Avotcja & Youth A Cappella Ensemble Vocal Rush, in a concert celebrating Black LGBTQ+ music pioneers like Billy Strayhorn, Little Richard and Sylvester.

Leather bound: Adam Mars-Jones' 'Box Hill: A Story of Low Self-Esteem'

By Jim Piechota | Tuesday Nov 10, 2020
Richly drawn and impossible to forget, Mars-Jones's story will appeal most to niche LGBTQ readers who appreciate the bold acidity of classic BDSM leather-scented erotic fiction.

Biden/Harris victory party in the Castro

Sunday Nov 8, 2020
People started gathering in the Castro by 10 am on Saturday Nov. 7 as election results were announced, with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris getting enough electoral and popular votes to clinch the presidential election.

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