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Gay Wrestler Says Charity Won't Accept Donations Because Money Came from Making Porn

Friday Dec 14, 2018

The openly gay Australian wrestler who made headlines for donating money he made from making porn via his OnlyFans account now says the suicide prevention charity has turned down his funds.

Speaking with Gay Star News, which first reported the story, wrestler Dave Marshall says the organization Beyond Blue called him to say they cannot accept his money.

Since March, Marshall, 29, raised more than $3,600 USD for the group via his OnlyFans account. OnlyFans is a private subscription service that allows users to require a fee to see their content. A number of porn stars use the platform to build their brand and make extra money.

The athlete said the group called him on Dec. 7 to say they became aware publications were mentioning Beyond Blue in reports about Marshall.

Marshall forwarded the email exchanges he had with the group to GSN. The outlet reports Beyond Blue told Marshall they cannot accept his donations because they come from activities like "gambling, alcohol, and pornography." They reportedly said he used the organization's name to "promote the sale of products" that he offers "in the field of pornography."

Beyond Blue reportedly added that they have a policy that all fundraising activist be registered. GSN reports the group then asked Marshall to remove all mention of them from his social media and his website and to make sure "future consumers of your products are not given the impression their purchases are in any way supporting Beyond Blue."

Marshall told GSN he was shocked by the group's response.

"To me, money is money," he said. "It came from the heart."

Marshall previously said that he wanted to donate money to a suicide prevention group after his father took his own life.

Speaking with GSN, he said Beyond Blue gave him an ultimatum: He can remove all mention of the charity and they'll use that as a personal donation or he can accept a full refund. He said he chose the latter.

Marshall said he found another charity to donate to, the mental health group called Black Dog Institute.

"They are another of the bigger ones in Australia," Marshall said. "As my father was one of the main factors in the choice of charity, it's quite fitting."

He said he's donating the funds meant for Beyond Blue to the new group and plans to double that.

"It's a cause that I am proud the help," Marshall told GSN. "Now more than ever, I'm even more proud of the organization for accepting me and my donations."

He later said: "At the end of the day, everyone makes money in different ways — it's what you choose to do with it that can make a difference or not.

"It's money from my community that has supported and loved me and it's my way of giving back."

A spokesperson for Beyond Blue gave a statement to GSN regarding Marshall.

Beyond Blue is a mental health not-for-profit organization that provides information and support to all people in Australia experiencing depression, anxiety, and suicidality.

We have a proud record of advocating on behalf of and providing support to, LGBTI communities and this continues.

We are humbled by the extraordinary support of many individuals who raise funds for our work. But we have a clear fundraising policy that does not permit us to accept proceeds from certain activities, including from the sale of pornography. We also ask that community fundraisers register their activity with us so we can support what they're doing.

We found out about the background to Mr. Marshall's generous donations through media reports, and we then contacted Mr. Marshall to clarify whether the funds he had personally donated to Beyond Blue had been derived from the sale of pornography. To that point, we had accepted those funds believing them to be personal donations.

We expressed our sincere gratitude to Mr. Marshall for his support of people affected by depression, anxiety, and suicide and offered to refund his donations. We respect his decision, his ongoing dedication to the cause and wish him well.


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