Watch: Shirtless Jason Derulo Goes Viral for Eye-Popping 'Wipe it Down' TikTok Challenge

Wednesday May 27, 2020

Jason Derulo is once again going viral — this time it's thanks to his hilarious response to the popular "Wipe it Down" challenge on TikTok.

The challenge requires participants to wipe down a large mirror with a cleaning spray to reveal their reflections of a different person or character between each wipe.

For his part, the "Talk Dirty" singer appeared shirtless and is seen cleaning a mirror before a C.G.I. spider bites him. Not long after, after Derulo wipes the mirror, he turns into Spider-Man — spandex suit and all. After dancing to the song, Derulo uses spider string to fly away.

Last year, Derluo went viral on Instagram for a steamy photo of himself walking out of the water, wearing nothing but tight black briefs.

Check out the video below along with some reactions to it from Twitter users.

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