Meet 'Love Island's' Noah... And His Same-Sex Adult Video Alter-Ego Ethan

Saturday September 19, 2020

Noah Purvis
Noah Purvis  (Source:CBS)

Noah Purvis joined the cast of CBS's reality dating show "Love Island" last night. Missing from his bio is his appearances in three same-sex videos this past year.

"Love Island" has gone virtual for its second season, airing every night through the end of the month. Its cast is living on a remote, tropical locale instead of a Las Vegas hotel due to COVID-19.

"Since its August premiere, season two of the reality show has proved that pandemic-related changes barely have an affect on what happens inside the villa—or rather, the Cromwell, this season's quarantine-friendly filming location in Las Vegas," writes Entertainment Weekly. "Shirts have been removed, love-hungry contestants have had meme-able moments, and people have definitely re-coupled. And just when the stakes already felt high, three new Islanders will arrive in Sin City with all eyes on their next move.

One of the three is Noah Purvis, whom EW describes as "a home healthcare provider from Imperial, Missouri. 'I definitely consider myself a Southern gentleman,' he says. 'My parents taught me to stop talking and start listening.'"

The 24 year old may have left out his resume: His alter-ego Ethan, who has appeared in three same-sex videos for the adult site Corbin Fisher, reports the NSFW website He has also appeared in two straight-related videos.

Noah Purvis (right) with Bennett Sipes and Bennie Bivens on CBS's "Love Island." (photo:CBS)

"Going into the villa, I know I am going to turn heads. I may make one of them have a heart attack, but it's okay, I'm CPR-certified and I know mouth-to-mouth resuscitation," Purvis says in his video introduction on the show.

"For some reason, Noah neglected to mention that, literally just last week, he delivered one of the best cum facials of the year in his Corbin Fisher scene with Dane. This probably wouldn't make it past the CBS censors, tbh," adds

"Following his Love Island debut last night," Str8UpGayPorn continues, "Noah will compete with the other guys to form relationships with the female contestants and avoid being "dumped" (eliminated). Members of the public vote for a winning couple at the end of season in a few weeks, and whoever receives the most votes could win $100,000. (It's too bad they don't give prizes for cum facials—Noah would have that one in the bag.)"

In a bio of Purvis on the website Information Cradle, his personal life is explained this way:

"Purvis is yet to share information regarding his past love life and past relationships. He prefers to maintain a low profile key on his personal issues. However, Noah is a cast of the dating reality series and thus he is looking for a serious partner to date. We are keeping tabs to find out about his past relationships or if he has any kids."

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