Is 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Alum Rosé Broadway Bound?

Sunday November 28, 2021
Originally published on November 27, 2021

She may not have taken the crown on Season 13 of "RuPaul's Drag Race," but is a Tony Award in her future? Producers Jacob Stuckelman and Joseph Hayes have announced that Rosé will star in an industry reading of "Fowl Play — A New Musical Comedy," directed by Tony Award and three-time Emmy Award nominee John Tartaglia.

Featuring a book by Billy Recce ("Little Black Book" concept album) and Yoni Weiss and music/lyrics by Billy Recce, "Fowl Play" will receive an invitation-only reading on Thursday, December 16 at Carroll Studios in New York City.

"Fowl Play" is a new musical comedy about two queer musical theatre writers commissioned to write an apology musical for a certain homophobic fried chicken corporation. (You know which one.) With theaters closing left and right to be replaced by Targets, Apple Stores, and fast-food franchises, the down-on-their-luck writing duo, Archie and Xander, face the promise of a major payout and the rebirth of the Broadway musical comedy, if they can satiate the new CEO, Kimberly Chickadee, played by Rosé. In the style of a Mickey and Judy musical extravaganza, "Fowl Play" is a take-no-prisoners satire about the commodification and commercialization of queer culture.

"I'm so excited to be working with this wonderful team to help bring "Fowl Play" to life, not to mention working with the amazingly talented Rosé! Much like the early days of "Avenue Q," it's been thrilling to be collaborating with these amazing artists creating something hilariously irreverent, naughty, and full of heart and humanity," said director John Tartaglia.

Here's a look at what Rosé has been up to this holiday season: