'Gossip Girl' Actor Jason Gotay Marries Longtime Partner Michael Hartung

Tuesday October 12, 2021

Michael Hartung, left, with "Gossip Girl" actor Jason Gotay, right.
Michael Hartung, left, with "Gossip Girl" actor Jason Gotay, right.  (Source:Instagram / @jasongotay)

"Gossip Girl" actor Jason Gotay is making headlines this week for tying the knot with his longtime partner Michael Hartung in upstate New York, the Daily Mail reports.

Prior to the ceremony, the couple had been posting about their wedding on Instagram. In a post from last week, Gotay, 32, shared a black-and-white snap of himself with Hartung, adding the caption "I marry this man in 10 days. I think I'm the happiest I've ever been." Back in January, Hartung shared a post of their proposal.

Though the men have yet to share pics and vids from the ceremony to social media, the Daily Mail points out that Sarah Schechter, a producer for HBO Max's "Gossip Girl," shared some snaps from the wedding. In one picture, she wrote: "Jason and Michael— there is no better example of love I could have chosen for my girls' first wedding than this. That was by far the most beautiful ceremony I have ever witnessed. Wishing you both a lifetime and beyond of love and happiness."

Speaking with Brides.com earlier this year, Gotay, who plays teacher Rafa Caparros on "Gossip Girl," opened up about his relationship, revealing that he met Hartung on the set of NBC's "Peter Pan Live!" back in 2014.

"As I entered the rehearsal studios and stepped into the elevator, I greeted a couple of friends who were also part of the Lost Boy band. As the elevator door began to close, one more boy jumped in just in time. I turned around and saw the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen, accompanied by bright blue eyes and a joy that lit up the room (well, elevator)," he said. "This was Michael, the boy I was told to look out for, as we had a mutual friend who told us we would be working on 'Peter Pan' together."

"I shook his hand and introduced myself, excited to get to know him," Gotay said. "My friend, Sara, had told us that we were going to 'just love each other.' I didn't realize until later just how on-the-nose she was about that."