Watch: The 'Queer Eye' Guys Helped Drew Barrymore Get Back into Dating

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday January 13, 2022

The 'Queer Eye' guys helped Drew Barrymore get back into the dating scene after six years of singledom, ET reported.

In a video clip, Barrymore, beaming in from the set of her own talk show, answered host Nischelle Turner's question about the last time she had gone on a date by saying, uncertainly, "I went on a date last summer?"

Barrymore was less tentative about how well it went.

"I wish it was a Zoom date, in hindsight," she said, with a grimace.

Barrymore didn't say who it was she went out with, but she did give props to a few guys — five of them, in fact — who have helped her get back into the dating scene: None other than the "Queer Eye" crew.

Among Barrymore's reasons for staying unattached for so long, even as her ex has found happiness in a new marriage, is that she's raising two daughters.

"They are my central focus and romance has really been in the back seat," Barrymore said, "and when your kids are young, they really need you and it's hard to figure out how to balance" the demands of parenthood with the prospect of a romantic connection.

But the Fab Five's design specialist, Bobby Berk, helped her to an affirming "revelation," Barrymore said.

"What Bobby said to me, which honestly was one of the most healing moments I have had in the last decade, is he said, 'Your apprehension and cautiousness is what helps make you a good parent.'

"It was a real gift for me to get that nod of approval that yeah, my parenting comes first," she added.

The team set to work preparing Barrymore for a "Zoom date with 'Top Chef''s Sam Talbot," ET reported, and Barrymore detailed how each of the Fab Five contributed to her "fun" virtual date.

"I had Jonathan [Van Ness] holding up, like, silly questions and naughty signs making me giggle. I had Tan [France] saying, 'Hey, I notice something over there,' like, ask him about that. I had Antoni [Porowski] tell me, 'You are doing a good job,' and I had Bobby going, 'Hey, I see plants and dogs, see how he is a caretaker," Barrymore enthused.

"It was like 'The Drew Barrymore Show' x 'Queer Eye' x New York Times' 'Modern Love,'" Barrymore detailed. "I feel like this episode is sort of a love letter to what it is like to date in the modern world," at least partly because meeting online was the only way Barrymore, in New York, was able to have her date with the Los Angeles-based celebrity chef.

In another modern twist, the two have been keeping up with each other via texting, Barrymore told Turner. But, she went on to say, she's not in the market for marriage. "Listen," she said, "I would be going on my fourth marriage. I'm good!"

The episode of "The Drew Barrymore Show" that features the "Queer Eye" crew airs Jan. 13. To see the video clip of Barrymore talking with ET's Nischelle Turner, follow this link.

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