ED Getting You Down? hims Has Arrived

Thursday April 26, 2018

ED Getting You Down? hims Has Arrived

The personal wellness platform hims is tackling erectile dysfunction with sensibility and science for the modern man.

Previously considered to be a taboo subject that guys were too embarrassed to talk about, erectile dysfunction (ED) has finally come out of the shadows and is now an essential part of dialogues relating to men's health.

And it's not just about performance. ED can be a symptom of other underlying health issues. With more than 600,000 cases diagnosed each year, ED isn't relegated to Gen X'ers. Studies have shown that 40 percent of men experience some degree of erectile dysfunction by the time they reach 40.

Fortunately, there are treatments available and platforms, such as hims, which are addressing ED for the 21st-century guy. Using modern technology and a sharp, welcoming design aesthetic, hims is a portal for personal wellness and offers a breadth of information for those who experience ED.

From clear and concise information about symptoms and causes to easy-to-order treatment options, hims is dispelling the stigma attached to ED.

EDGE had a chance to chat with hims founder Andrew Dudum about his inspiration for launching hims and how the brand differs from other online resources.

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What inspired you to address erectile dysfunction as part of the launch of hims, your personal wellness platform for men?

I don't think people realize that as many as 40 percent of men experience some degree of erectile dysfunction by the age of 40. It's one of those pain points that a ton of guys faces, yet they're extremely uncomfortable talking about it. Also, until recently, there were patents in place that denied many guys access to scientifically-proven medication for ED.

We launched hims to encourage more conversations around men's well-being and provide hassle-free, affordable solutions to pain points impacting men's health. It was a no-brainer to include ED as a main product focus at launch.

Do you think men are becoming more open about talking about sexual performance?

We're starting to see a slight shift in guys' openness around discussing ED with doctors, friends, and partners, but there's still a stigma attached. On top of this valid discomfort, society tells guys that it's weird or uncommon to want to take care of themselves.

Having ED isn't a bad thing -- our goal is to approach this stigma by offering access to education around the fact that many men will face these concerns at some point in their lives. We also want to be super approachable and have found that guys answer doctors' questions in a more transparent way online versus in-person. Using telemedicine allows men to make more informed, honest decisions about their health.

(Source: hims)

What are some aspects of the hims platform that make it unique in comparison to other sources for ED information and support?

ED is just one part of our business -- as a whole, hims is a men's wellness and lifestyle brand and we aim to be the one-stop-shop for all men's self-care and wellness needs.

We also really want to be a trusted source of education, so we launched Savoir Faire, our digital journal with all the scientifically-proven information guys need to stop those late-night online searches. Guys will find hundreds of pieces of original content addressing ED, hair loss, and overall wellness.

What are your hopes for the growth of hims in regards to men's health information and products?

We plan on introducing new product categories to ensure we're continuously addressing pain points around men's personal care, grooming and health. We're offering products that are not only convenient and more affordable, but ones that men don't feel like they have to hide.

So many guys suffer in silence when it comes to concerns about wellness and we already see a shift in how hims helps start conversations in a convenient and nonjudgmental way.

For more information visit forhims.com.

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