Dumb-Ass Lists: EDGE's Favorite 'Alternative Facts' Tweets

Monday January 23, 2017

Dumb-Ass Lists: EDGE's Favorite 'Alternative Facts' Tweets

Trump Administration counselor Kellyanne Conway raised eyebrows, blood pressures and Twitter traffic Sunday when she used the term "alternative facts" to describe falsehoods told by President Trump and his press secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday.

During a press conference Saturday, Spicer took no questions from reporters but admonished the media for reporting on the low attendance figures for Friday's inauguration of President Donald Trump. According to AP, Spicer made two unprovable statements in his briefing: that photographs of the audience at Trump's inaugural were intentionally framed to minimize the appearance of support and that Trump drew the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration.

Spicer followed that up with two other falsehoods: that the Washington Metro system recorded more riders on the day of Trump's inaugural than when Obama was sworn in in 2013, and that Friday was the first time that white floor covering was used on the Washington Mall, accentuating the empty spots on the Mall, and that it was the first time spectators were required to pass through magnetometers to enter the Mall.

None of this got past "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd, who pressed Conway to answer why the president and his press secretary would start their administration with easily debunked lies.

"Don't be so overly dramatic about it, Chuck," Conway said. "Our press secretary Sean Spicer gave alternative facts."

Twitter responded with #AlternativeFacts and #AlternateFacts trending for much of Sunday.

Dumb-Ass Lists

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