Bodybuilder Joseph Baena Celebrates Film Role with Speedo Thirst Trap

Saturday January 30, 2021

Joseph Baena
Joseph Baena  (Source:Instagram)

There's little doubt that a pic of Joseph Baena will bring to mind his famous dad — Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like Arnold was half a century ago, Joseph is a 6' 1" bodybuilder with acting aspirations. The 23-year old has cultivated a healthy 277K Instagram followers, likely due to his posts of him working out at Venice Beach's Gold's Gym, where his father filmed the docudrama "Pumping Iron" in 1977. He treated them with a thirst trap recently, the Daily Mail reports.

Joseph Baena on Instagram  

On the Instagram Stories post, Baena writes "Gotta get the tan lines back" as he smiles in a black Speedo at a swimming pool. The second part of the post has Baena in a hall in sweatshirt and shorts.

Baena does not share his dad's famous name, being the son the former California governor secretly fathered with his Guatemalan housekeeper-turned-chef Mildred, aka 'Patty,' which ended his 25-year marriage to wife Maria Shriver, writes the Daily Mail.

Baena recently finished the pilot for "Scam Squad," directed by Ifeanyi Ezieme, which "locked picture" on December 5. "Scam Squad" also features Camaron Engels, Peace Ikediuba, Chanse Henderson Alexander, and Bryson Moore.

Last October Arnold posted a birthday message to his son on Instagram: "Happy birthday @projoe2! I love watching your progress with your training, your work, and in every part of your life. I can't wait to see what's coming next. I love you!"

In tribute to his dad, Baena once re-created many of his dad's famous bodybuilding poses. In October, father and son posed outside of a mural. As recently as a few weeks ago Arnold and Joseph worked out together, Yahoo Sports reported, shortly after the prominent Republican called out President Trump for his role in the January 6th insurrection, calling him "the worst president ever." "He compared the devastation caused to the Capitol building, which was broken into and ransacked, to the actions of the Nazis on Kristallnacht, in 1938," wrote Yahoo Sports.

Baena ended his 21-month relationship with fellow Pepperdine graduate Nicky Dodaj last fall. "Joseph has wiped all evidence of Dodaj from his Instagram page and tweeted on November 4: 'Training shoulders today because I didn't have hers to cry on,' " wrote the Daily Mail.

Check out these pics from Baena's Instagram:

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