Frayed or Fab? 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season Recap: Kandy Muse

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday April 22, 2021
Originally published on April 11, 2021

Frayed or Fab? 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season Recap: Kandy Muse
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Perhaps this season's most polarizing contestant, Kandy Muse could be both sweet and spicy. Her personality took her to the final four but will she win the crown? Here's a recap of her final runway looks — you decide.

Episode 1
Kandy Muse — New York City's in the house! Kandy's patchwork mini... meh. But we give it up for that boom box accessory. VERDICT: FAB

Episode 2
Kandy Muse's purple nightie could have been pulled from an all-drag production of "Grease," but she's no Rizzo. Muse's confidence could sell swampland in Florida, but can she sell the judge's on her so-so wardrobe? Verdict: FRAYED

Since the contestants were split into two groups, Kandy Muse didn't compete in Episode 3.

Episode 4
All of Kandy Muse's confidence couldn't save the blood-red and leather train wreck that walked the runway. Ill-fitting with an off-the-shelf wig to match, we think Kandy Muse's taste level may have left the station. Verdict: FRAYED

Episode 5
Kandy Muse stepped up her game in her "Bag of Tricks" magician's outfit, but no illusion could mask her hot temper, as revealed in "Untucked."

Episode 6
"Very sketchy," said judge Carson Kressley of Kandy Muse's "canvas paper," hand-painted with a little black dress. Conceptually interesting and loosely referencing Princess Diana's 1994 "revenge dress," things went haywire from the neck up with a horrifying make-up job that looked like she had lost a wrestling match with a tube of acrylic paint. Verdict: FRAYED

Episode 7
Kandy Muse took a note from the judges and elevated her fashion game this week, sporting a large brimmed hat adorned with beads, luxurious faux-fur stole and beaded pasties for an alluring reveal. Verdict: FAB

Episode 8
This week Kandy Muse essentially reproduced Beyonce's famously flowing lemonade dress designed by Roberto Cavalli's creative director Peter Dundas for the label's fall/winter 2016 collection. There's no arguing that the dress wasn't gorgeous, but Muse did little to reimagine the garment for the runway. Nobody likes a copycat. Verdict: FRAYED.

Episode 9
At first glance, Kandy Muse's heavily ruffled herringbone made an impact, or so she thought, saying, "I'm walking down the runway like I'm in a f*cking fashion show in Paris." But her skimpy fascinator, which spelled "Muse" in wispy feathers, lacked drama. Verdict: FRAYED

Episode 10: The queens stepped into the stockings of their competitors in meta-makeovers, so there was no final runway challenge.

Episode 11
Kandy Muse's signature strut couldn't save her lime green and lavender alien creature, which might as well stay on whatever planet she came from. Verdict: Frayed

Episode 12
Kandy Muse Sparkles and Slays — With a temper that could stall a #2 train to the Bronx, bad girl Kandy Muse is emerging as a top contender thanks to her biting wit and unapologetic attitude. Muse opened the roast in a rhinestone-studded, spaghetti-strapped, high-slit gown, with Ross Matthews saying, "You set the bar." Verdict: FAB

Episode 13
Kandy Muse looked as if she got caught in a paper shredder this week. "This outfit is Japanese-inspired," claimed Kandy, whose garment looked like it had been dragged along the Nakasendo Trail, Japan's 330-mile-long ancient trade route. Verdict: FRAYED

Episode 14
Kandy Muse's rollercoaster wardrobe ended on a high note to land a spot in the final, but by comparison, her 60s futuristic mini in purple and brown (with orange trim, huh?) doesn't rise to the level of her competitors. Verdict: FRAYED

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