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Getting to Know Out Social Media Influencer Elliott Norris

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Elliott Norris feels like an entirely different type of LGBTQ+ influencer. Blending thirst traps, personal stories, and food reviews, Norris gives a much more genuine vibe than others who come off as plastic or trying too hard.

Norris, who boasts over 240,000 followers on Instagram, proudly flaunts his queerness while also incorporating a lot of non-gay content into his everyday Instagram posts. This gives a more complete picture of who he is and allows him to never run out of content for his fans. Here are some of the best IG posts from Norris to introduce you to his internet style.

Many LGBTQ+ youth have issues with body image and confidence as six-pack abs and lean bodies are typical yet unrealistic standards in the gay community. Norris shows off his body for the camera in this thirst trap that inspires and gives confidence to those who may not have the type of chiseled physique that they want. Norris looks great no matter what others may think about him, and he never lets others get him down.

Norris shows his fans one of his favorite spots for a Cuban sandwich in Lansing, Michigan. Habana Delights is a small business in Norris's area that suffers for business and he kindly appreciates their food while trying to help boost their reach in the local area. Fans love how positive Norris is while explaining the food in the video.

Growing up gay in the Midwestern United States can present a lot of struggles for queer people. Homophobia and other stressors really ruin the youthful experience every person deserves. Norris puts a positive spin on these stereotypes by showing his fans some of the landmark places from his upbringing and how they shaped him into the person he is as an adult. From gay awakenings to first heartbreaks, Norris covers a lot of ground in this eloquently narrated video.

Norris made a rap song that celebrates the beauty of large bodies, replete with a funny and empowering album cover in this IG post. He has his signature smile and optimistic aura connected to the cover and the fans in the comments loved the artwork.

Norris shows he can laugh at himself after getting made fun of in this article by the website the Daily Dot. Norris apparently went to Olive Garden looking to purchase a cheese grater to go along with the world-famous breadsticks and salad the Italian chain is known for. He made a TikTok to discuss the situation and the story went viral on the social media platform and beyond!

by Shawn Laib

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