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Boyfriend of Gay Bestselling Author Bret Easton Ellis Committed to Psych Ward

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The long-term partner of "American Psycho" author Bret Easton Ellis is receiving care in a psychiatric treatment facility following a "breakdown," UK newspaper the Daily Mail reported.

Ellis' partner of the last 14 years, 37-year-old Todd Michael Schultz, reportedly broke into a neighbors's home. People Magazine detailed that "a distressed female condo resident made a 911 call and told dispatchers that a man had entered her residence and began ransacking her things," the New York Times reported.

"She also told management that the man was 'unresponsive' when she asked him to leave," People Mag added.

Reports said that police arrested Schultz at the West Hollywood home he shares with Ellis.

"In a text message on Friday evening, Mr. Ellis said that Mr. Schultz had been having 'serious mental health issues exacerbated by drugs,'" the New York Times reported, going on to add that Ellis "said that the episode was nonviolent and that Mr. Schultz, experiencing a psychotic break, walked into an open apartment, believing it to be Mr. Ellis's."

According to police, "There is nothing to suggest Mr. Ellis, 59, was associated with the crime," the article said.

Ellis depicted a heartbreaking situation in a post to Instagram, recounting, "For a long time I was simply blind, not grasping the severity of Todd's situation and how ill he actually was." Schultz was "in the increasing grip" of mental illness "for the last decade culminating in a full-blown drug induced psychotic breakdown," Ellis added.

The post also said that Schultz is "in lockdown in a psych ward... unaware of where he is or why he's there."

The Times noted, "Last November, Mr. Schultz posted a video of himself announcing his intention to run for president of the United States on the Republican ticket." The writeup said that Schultz's "eyes looked glassy, and his words sounded slightly slurred" in the video.

"I am the best option," The Times quoted Schultz saying in the video. "I'm the best option for the Republicans to win, but I'm also better than the Democrats."

In March of last year, the article recalled, Schultz posted a photo that showed himself "in the foreground wearing nothing but an open bathrobe and a dazed expression" while "Mr. Ellis could be seen in the background reading on a computer."

Schultz had also filed a number of lawsuits, "including one in January against Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla," the article added.

"The complaint accused Mr. Musk of interfering with Mr. Schultz's presidential campaign. The suit was dismissed with prejudice five days after being filed, court records show."

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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