Girls Run the World With These Events in Ptown


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If Beyoncé's song about girls running the world holds any weight, you'll find it rings true in Provincetown, MA, the seaside adventure town at the farthest eastern tip of the country. Ptown – as locals lovingly call it – is gearing up to host a series of women-focused events to celebrate the feminine mystique. The curated events offer something for every kind of woman – a chance to connect, be yourself, let loose, and party with your friends and community. Don't miss out on this exhilarating extravaganza as gaggles of LGBTQ+ gals descend on Ptown for an unforgettable, inclusive lovefest.

Lesbian Visibility Week

The series of women-focused events in Ptown kicks off with Lesbian Visibility Week USA, a themed festival (this year's theme is United, not Uniform) and commitment to "show solidarity with all LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people in our community."

Launched in 2023 during a historic White House press briefing, LVW in Ptown (April 22-28, 2024) will feature live music, dance parties, karaoke, play readings, film screenings, book events and an art gallery stroll. And don't miss out on some of the festival highlights: Babes and Bois Pink Full Moon Par'Tea', a League of Our Own softball tournament, Star Crossed: A Live Astrology Dating Game Show, and so much more.

Single Women's Weekend

If you're single and looking to mingle, Single Women's Weekend, a safe, fun space for single women, is the place to be. The weekend-long event, happening May 17-19, 2024, not only hosts dance parties and mixers, but also speed dating, scavenger hunts, dinner parties and the Cape Cod National Seashore Dune Tour. And even if you don't meet that special person, the life-long friendships formed at Single Women's Weekend make it an unforgettable time.

"I realized I was single for the first time in a while, and I looked around and everyone on the streets seemed coupled," says Lynette Molnar during a phone interview about why she created Single Women's Weekend in 2005. "I wanted to create a space where people could come and easily meet each other before dating apps."

Since its inception, the event took off and has facilitated the matching of more than a few couples. "Women over the years have come to Single Women's Weekend, met someone and even gotten married," underscoring the magic of bringing women together from every corner of the country. "This is one of my favorite times in Ptown," gushes Molnar about her beloved event, adding: "We are all together and people are so happy when they leave. You see it on their faces."


Make your Memorial Day Weekend one to remember by celebrating MEMDay P-Town, a thrilling four-night fiesta for lesbians, non-binary, and trans folks alike. Take to the beaches for sunset cruises and tours, stroll and shop Commercial street with your friends, splash and play in the sun at pool parties and dance and groove to your favorite hits in the clubs. And the best part? You're in the beating heart of Provincetown – a remarkable community where freedom and self expression permeate the streets. Snag your tickets for this year's MEMDay happening May 23-27, 2024 and download the LesbianNightLife app to plan your visit.

"MEMDay started when my friend and colleague [Lynette] had the idea to bring more women to Ptown," said Elizabeth McGurr, head of Lesbian NightLife, the organization that hosts MEMDay in Provincetown. Over 20 years ago, spaces for LBTQ+ women were dwindling. McGurr, a party planner in Boston, set out to change that. "I hosted a party in a dive bar in the basement of a Chinese restaurant and begged my friends to come to get the scene going. I even lit incense to make it smell better. It grew from there and we eventually brought it to Ptown," McGurr muses about her party planning humble beginnings during our interview.

Over the years, once the women took over Crown and Anchor, the flagship bar in Ptown, McGurr knew her event had fully arrived. "There are tons of girls now! They keep coming back and have come a long way." McGurr wraps up the interview explaining how to get the most out of MEMDay: "Don't hold back! Ptown is really an awesome place. You can wear a ball gown or underwear to a party and feel comfortable. It's where you can express yourself and be who you are and find your people."

Womxn of Color

Welcome the summer season with Womxn of Color Weekend, a four-day experience that celebrates diverse groups of women. "We discovered that diverse people wouldn't travel to Massachusetts, or much less Ptown, if they didn't see themselves represented in the events and programming there," explains Jhanea Williams, Executive Producer and Director of WoCW. "That's one of the reasons why we started this event." WoCW hosts a curated lineup of parties, workshops, shared meals and more May 30 - June 2, 2024 "to elevate, strengthen, educate and celebrate... trans, non-binary and genderfluid people of color."

WoCW distinguishes itself by offering a more inclusive programming that transcends parties and dances. Williams elaborated during our interview: "Amongst the parties, the programming also takes time for rest, reflection and knowledge-sharing. Folks aren't all partiers and have different lifestyles. It's important to break bread with each other and sit in our souls."

Girl Splash

"Why aren't there summer events for women?" Lynette Molnar, interviewed above, shares about how she was incessantly asked that question before starting the summer event in 2007 known as Girl Splash. The annual summer smash, running July 24-27, 2024 this year, is the stuff summer dreams are made of: Beach bonfires, whale watching, pool and dance parties, and of course sand and sunshine stretching on for miles along the pristine Ptown coastline. Check out the full schedule, buy tickets, and start planning your unforgettable summer getaway to Girl Splash.

Women's Week

Cap your year of incredible women-focused events in Ptown with Women's Week, the original celebration that started it all, this October 14-20, 2024. Now in its 40th year, women of every age and stripe come to the coastal dreamscape town and enjoy over 350 events – from a mini film festival to a mini comedy festival and exploration of the arts, there's something for every kind of woman. "It's a huge accomplishment for an event that is essentially run by volunteers to still exist and be as strong as ever 40 years later," says Molnar, instrumental in creating and curating all five events for women in Provincetown.

What started as a clam bake on the beach for the women innkeepers of Ptown transformed into a world class celebration. This year's 40th Anniversary promises to be star-studded, memorable and nostalgic. A homecoming will feature a re-enactment of the original clam bake and the theme of "icons" will headline some of the legendary lesbians who have graced the beaches of Provincetown through the years. "There's no other time and no other place where you can go and walk with a majority of lesbians. This is the time where you get to see yourself and your community."

Plan Your Visit

Girls truly run the world during these extraordinary events found only in Ptown. Check out Provincetown Tourism to start planning your trip. You don't want to miss out on a memory-making time in Provincetown. Why? "You can't dance on your phone," says Lynette, wrapping up our interview and accentuating the point that life happens in the moments spent with loved ones in places like Ptown.

by Roger Porter

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