InstaQueer Roundup: Our Favorite Serves & Joint Slays from the Week, May 27

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 2 MIN.

The Joint Slays

And now we move on to our latest round-up of queer celebs who came together to maximize their joint slay!

This week: We celebrate Colton Underwood's baby announcement, and Beanie Feldstein's first wedding anniversary; the Adidas Pride collection is a joint slay on many levels, and bisexual rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion met up at MSG to surprise the audience with a performance of their hits.

Colton Underwood and his husband Jordan Brown shared this really sweet home-video style announcement that they're expecting a baby.

Megan Thee Stallion shared these slayful pics with her fellow bisexual and newly single rapper Cardi B, who came out on stage to surprise Meg's sold-out Madison Square Garden audience with performances of their hit songs WAP and Bongos.

"Love for Equality is Love for the Game." There are levels to this joint slay: Layshia Clarendon, the first openly nonbinary player in the WNBA, shares photos of themself and Tom Daley modeling the new Adidas' Pride Collection –which was designed by another of our queer faves, Pabllo Vittar.

"There's something in the way she moves..." Beanie Feldstein posted these emotional photos from her wedding day to mark the celebration of her and Bonnie Chance's first anniversary.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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