Deaf, Trans, and Breaking Barriers: Get to Know Chella Man Through His Instagram

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Man takes a moment to ask himself and his fans to reflect on the simple things in life that get forgotten daily. Acknowledging nature and animals, realizing you need to stretch, itch, and move your body in different ways to take full control over yourself, and even a simple laugh all go a long way in feeling human.

In this eloquent post related to his "Autonomy" performance, Man describes the similarities between his intersecting identities and the ways he expresses himself within those personal makeups. Acting, writing, making art, and so many more activities help him to show how being biracial, genderqueer, and deaf makes him a unique individual.

Man gets deeply personal about the courage it takes to embrace a transgender identity while posing naked on the water. Not only is Man vulnerable in showing his body for everyone to see, but he makes incredible points in the caption about why people are transphobic and how embracing the unknown can help break down bigotry tied to trans identities.

Man poses with his loving father and a bouquet of roses that represent the pure love he feels from his family. It's awesome to see that Man has the support of his parents, as many trans individuals have to cut off contact with their families for the sake of their mental health.

Man shows some of his signature workouts while speaking on the collaboration between exercise and accepting his trans identity. Workouts and exercise helped the social media star form his body the way he needed to and eventually led to self-acceptance as a genderqueer individual.

Man poses in the brilliant summer sun while the caption talks about how liberation needs to be an optimistic endeavor instead of a negative one. Running toward the future instead of away from the past will help to reframe the mindset of every person looking to change their life.

Man talks about filming a sex scene in which he is the top during intercourse so that he could open up conversations about trans people and their liberation in the bedroom. Genderqueer, transgender, and disabled individuals can have sex any way they choose to, even if most media doesn't depict that sentiment. Man hopes to change that through his own art and filmmaking.

Man shows his body transformation from 2017 to 2021 and talks about his journey up to that point in the caption. Seeing how much you change physically is a good entryway to discussing your evolution mentally and spiritually, too.

by Shawn Laib

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